W O R K I N G  W I T H  P R O P E R T Y   D E V E L O P E R S

Installing the infrastructure for a ‘smart’ home or a controlled multi-room audio visual system is considered crucial for increased value in any modern development. Incorporating such technology into developments will attract more potential buyers and command a greater price premium, whilst providing a competitive edge.

 Dashwood provides a diverse range of options to cater for developers with both economic and luxury budgets. Packages start with cabling only installations and progress to complete state-of-the-art, user friendly home automation systems; including but not limited to control of multi-room audio, cinema, lighting, heating, air conditioning, blinds, door entry and CCTV.

 Dashwood ensures that each project is executed smoothly and every effort is made to ensure dead-lines aren’t missed through stringent project management, planning and close collaboration with clients, contractors and interior designers. Presentation being key, Dashwood understands the balance between function and aesthetics ensuring that home automation systems operate as intended in harmony with the surrounding environment.

D E V E L O P E R   A U D I O   V I S U A L

S Y S T E M S   &   H O M E   A U T O M A T I O N

Home Automation:  Integrated lighting control (overhead & ambient lighting), multi-room audio technology (speakers & music), visual systems (projectors & televisions), environmental control (heating & air-conditioning), window dressings (blinds & curtains) and security control (door entry systems & IP cameras).

Home Cinema:  Design, installation, configuration and speaker calibration.

Wiring Infrastructure:  Installation of cabling only for developers looking to enable 'smart-home' features and/or future proof a development.

Internet & Home Network:  Local broadband provider assessment and recommendation.  Wireless and/or wired home network installation and configuration.

Telecommunication:  Installation and configuration of telephone systems and digital private branch exchange (PBX).

Property Assessment Report:  A document detailing the internal wiring of a property, identifying strategic WiFi coverage points and technological capabilities of a property.

Service Contracts:  Bronze, Silver and Gold maintenance contracts for buyers to ensure continued and uninterrupted enjoyment a home automation system (read more).

Dashwood offer many services and solutions to developers.  Whether you want to future-proof a development by installing cabling, or design and install a complete controlled multi-room audio visual system, we can help.  Services include but are not limited to:

D I D  Y O U  K N O W  T H A T  H O M E  A V / I T  A U T O M A T I O N  C A N  A D D  V A L U E

T O   A  D E V E L O P M E N T ?

The Consumers Electronics Association and the National Association of Home Builders state that a home automation system can increase the value of a development by 3.5%. Dashwood can assist developers that want to install or upgrade a home automation system. Dashwood installs to the highest standard and often work with designers and contractors to ensure that a devlopment is finished to exact specifications. Dashwood provides ongoing support, maintenance and upgrading to ensure that an installed system is running smoothly and efficiently.

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